Help in the treatment of alcoholism . Traditional medicine believes that people have the desire to drink due to lack of potassium in the body. So if it to fill, the addiction to alcohol will be reduced significantly. Source of potassium is honey! Some recipes are designed for the treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient.

Cleansing the liver of toxins . It is known that folk medicine is engaged in treatment of all diseases. Alcoholism is no exception. Most often used for the treatment of grass. As modern drugs greatly affect the liver, in addition, alcohol itself is a poison to the liver, it is better to cleanse the liver from toxins. One of the remedies to clean the liver is the use of root powder lastovnya 0.5 grams for five days.

Effective treatment of alcoholism

This recipe will save you from alcohol addiction, even the alcoholic and even when all other treatments for alcoholism are powerless, even including the coding from alcoholism.

This particular herbal. For its preparation take 4 teaspoons of herbs creeping thyme and one teaspoon of herb wormwood and herbs centaury. All carefully grind, take a tablespoon of the collection pour a glass of boiling water. After 2 hours of infusion, strain the remedy. It is necessary to take 1-2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is 3 months. But after 1-2 weeks you will feel better.

Tincture from alcoholism


You need to take the root lyubistoka (this herb is present in almost every garden, I can even take the neighbors who have, for example, house), then finely chop it, put in any jar, such as mayonnaise, add a few Bay leaves and cover with the vodka. The tool is then infused for about two weeks.

The other recipe. Take pumpkin seeds and cleaned in the volume of one glass, all crushed in, like a blender or coffee grinder. The next step is to pour the cooked raw material of vodka and infuse for one week.

All tinctures are given to the patient who needs them to drink in several approaches. The impact of such tinctures is the following: they evoke disgust in a patient. Bay leaves may cause stomach upset. And pumpkin seeds cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Laurel against alcoholism

Perhaps you yourself have heard many times that alcoholism is often treated with Bay leaf. It has long been known method. Root, and a leaf of Laurel in one gulp disgust to alcohol.

And for those who just suffers greatly from alcoholism and drink every day and not working, and spends his scarce money, it is recommended, for example: in 250 milliliters of vodka, put the root and two leaf Laurel. Steep two weeks. A glass of this tincture should cause aversion to alcohol.

Radical treatment of alcoholism

Rather radical means in the treatment of alcoholism is a decoction of the shoots of the plaun-baranets. Caution: it is poisonous! You should pour one tablespoon or 10 grams of plaun-baranets in a glass of water. Boil for 15 minutes and add boiling water so that the total volume was 200 milliliters. To drink means you need 2 tablespoons or 100 ml on an empty stomach.

15-25 minutes are given to the patient to drink a little alcohol. As a result of repeated vomiting. And before each successive attack patient give alcohol to the same dose. Such procedures are carried out at intervals of a week. And after 2-3 of these sessions there is a complete aversion to alcohol.

Attention! This grass is poisonous. It is contraindicated for people suffering from thyroid disease, diabetes, hypertension, bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

Method of alcoholism treatment with apples

One of the methods of treatment of alcoholism in folk medicine is the method of treating sour apples. Indeed, in some cases, sour apples can heal the sick from alcoholism.

For this you need to eat 3 apples a day. But before them there is a need in each Apple stick 6-7 nails and leave them for a day. The course of treatment lasts for 6 weeks.

Honey from alcoholism is a reason not a single volume the interesting works. Natural honey contains substances that give it a sweet taste naturally.

This product contains the protein compound, since it is due to the properties of pollen and the secretion of the glands of the bees.

The use of honey in the treatment is conducted according to certain rules. On the first day the patient should eat 6 teaspoons of honey of the best quality. After 20 minutes, you need to use another portion of 6 teaspoons, and after 20 minutes, repeat the procedure. Scheme to repeat after 2 hours. For the first day is unacceptable use of alcohol in any quantity. The following day, sometimes give a little bit of alcohol that the patient was able to stabilize his condition. But this is only required if there is a desire to drink.

The second day passes with the same intake of honey. After the first portion of the patient needs to give a light Breakfast. In the end you need to use honey 4 teaspoons. That is the content of treatment.

What can be concluded? Treatment with honey is based on the reception for one hour for 6 tablespoons of the product, that is, the hours has 3 servings. A total of 18 spoons of honey. After 2 hours the procedure is repeated. The course lasts 2 days.

It is believed that the one who is constantly in need of alcohol in the body is lacking potassium. The use of honey this deficit is compensated. It is believed that regular and frequent use of this sweet product can significantly reduce cravings for alcohol.

Treatment with the root of European ungulates

This topic how alcohol addiction was very much in demand in almost all the time. Probably because it affects not only the patient himself, but also his surrounding close people. And you only think for yourself or just remember from my experience, memory, how many families falling apart because of this disease. That's why I can tell you some very effective recipes which will help your loved ones or just your friends.

You need to try a treatment using the European ungulates, which causes the patient very severe vomiting. Simply he will get sick when drinking alcohol. To prepare this infusion boil one teaspoon of root in a Cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. After the steep hour – and you can give or pour in the vodka. You need one tablespoon of broth per 100 grams of vodka! Treatment is carried out until the complete aversion to alcohol. There are also contraindications: this recipe cannot be used in angina and pregnancy.

It is believed that using baking soda is achieved a temporary effect necessary for treatment. You need to make certain the concoction given to the patient. In a glass of water dissolve 1 tsp of the product. You can clean the affected organs such 3-4 cups. In the end, can prevent the impact of toxic substances on the blood cells and further worsening health of the sick, causing vomiting. In the stomach the soda extinguished by stomach acid, into carbon dioxide and water. When carbon dioxide accumulates, the walls of the stomach dilate, the process is similar to the processing of food. The stimulation of additional synthesis of gastric juice. The final procedure can be considered a welcome Cup of coffee.

In the body there are suitable factors for the decomposition of ethanol. There is a number of intermediate compounds.

Acetaldehyde (acetic aldehyde)

They have a tendency to shift the neutral pH in the body in an acidic state is achieved acidosis. Soda is alkali, it shifts the bodies pH to an alkaline environment. It has a beneficial effect on all human systems and organs.

In any digestive juice (saliva, pancreatic juice, 12-persnoy intestine) is expressed alkaline reaction. When activated, due to the effect of the soda accelerates the breakdown and excretion of the components of ethanol. In medicine is very popular alcoholism treatment soda. This is done using a special recipe when soda becomes a specific component of the mixture. They are administered intravenously.

Struggling with a hangover special recipe – we use from 3 to 10 gr. soda, dissolved in a large enough quantity of water. The worse the patient, the more you will need soda.

Note. You cannot use too much soda, start treatment and come back to it again – it leads to stomach ulcer. After the procedure it is advisable to eat, it also makes sense to drink more fluids.

When you binge well helps decoction of the roots of sorrel . To prepare this decoction, take one tablespoon of the roots of sorrel and put it in a Cup of boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes in a sealed container. Without opening the cover, wait 3 hours and the broth is ready. It should take one tablespoon 6 times a day.

Alcoholism is a mental illness, not moderate consumption of alcohol. As a result of constant intoxication, in humans strongly deteriorating health, decreases work capacity, well-being and moral values. Alcoholism is characterized by the fact that a person becomes dependent on alcohol.

The method is quite specific, but very effective and designed just for the treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient. Aversion to alcohol will last from several weeks to several months. This catch 15-30 green bugs. You'll find them in the raspberry bushes. And immediately put them in vodka with a volume of 0.5 liters.

Female alcoholism is a psycho-drug the disease associated with abnormal predilection of women to alcoholic beverages and systematic use accompanying destruction of brain tissue and internal organs. It would seem, so what? All alcohol and anything terrible takes place. But here it is.

Beer alcoholism is a term that refers to painful craving for beer. This concept is not an official diagnosis, but the problem is not removed. The abuse of beer is not regarded as a separate form of alcoholism, but is perceived as a fast track to alcohol addiction.

The people considered alcoholism a sort of blemish, but people who suffer from alcohol dependence. Therefore, when a family problem arises, there is also an explanation ("he has a very strong bloodline"), and then the decision ("throw it before he ruined your life").

Folk remedies for alcoholism

Our ancestors preferred to conduct the treatment of alcoholism folk remedies at home. There are many methods of folk medicine that help to cause an aversion to alcohol and to help the person quit drinking. Folk remedy of alcoholism can be easily made at home: herbal teas and tinctures, medicinal mixtures, teas based on medicinal herbs, plants and products.

The fight against drunkenness and alcoholism folk remedies also includes the prayers before the icon, conspiracies, some have used spanking flogging, hypnosis, donations and other rituals. There's not much hope for the effectiveness of traditional methods in that alcoholism treatment should be complex. Folk methods of dealing with alcoholism can help in the initial and second stages of the disease.

Traditional methods of treatment of alcoholism

How to cure alcoholism folk remedies? Common treatment of alcoholism in people have always been conspiracies and prayers. Our ancestors turned to the wind, the water, the stars and the moon. Many rituals have survived to our times, and are conducted strictly according to the recommendations. With the advent of Christianity appeal to the forces of nature began praying to Christ, but we must remember that the Church condemns such methods.


How to treat alcoholism folk remedies with the assistance of the conspiracy? During that time, as you sleep over it, read the plot from alcoholism. This rite can be carried out without the consent of the patient, which facilitates treatment. Conspiracies are per person, like hypnosis, as they are spoken during his sleep, and laid in the subconscious. Many people in the villages use this method for the treatment of alcoholism.

How to get rid of alcohol addiction other folk remedies? Our ancestors used stone amethyst, which has amazing properties. For many years this stone is a protector with increased addiction to alcohol. Many healers and healers are advised to wear amethyst as a talisman from hobby alcohol.

Amethyst you need to choose. Do not buy an artificially grown stone, as it does not have the healing power of nature, as in education, it is not in contact with the ground, has not received its energy. Amethyst need to buy genuine origin, with smooth edges as jagged edges lead to unhappiness and do not retain positive energy.