Any alcohol less harmful to the body

What are the most harmful alcoholic beverages, it is very difficult to determine, since all the alcohol is composed of ethanol, which creates in the use of deadly danger to humans.

Than harmful cocktails and beer


Children are attached to alcohol, if you think that in his family they are a burden. The lack of parental attention, affirmation in a circle of peers, achieving a sense of looseness to join the world of adults, or just out of boredom – here are the reasons that a teenager begins to drink.

First used energy drinks, canned cocktails, which taste due to the sugar and chemical additives is more like harmless juice or lemonade. Sweet alcoholic drinks drunk without snacks, and often without measure, although in terms of vodka, contain 50-100 ml of product in one package.

Cocktails contain a lot of sugar that have a negative impact on metabolic processes in the body. There is a risk of developing diabetes. Low alcohol content strikes the digestive system, leading to the formation of erosions, ulcers on the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus.

The first bell that begins the addiction comes when the person starts to like intoxication. On a subconscious level, he seeks to prolong this time gradually lost interest in the events of a sober life – all substitutes for alcohol intoxication. Teens become alcoholics within a year with regular drinking of intoxicating beverages.

Young people from alcohol production more committed to the consumption of beer, characterized by different percentage of ethanol. Even soft drink contains 0.5 % alcohol product.

Beer drinking is most common among the male population. After a troublesome working day prefer to "relax" with a bottle of beer, rarely limited to only one. Meanwhile, in a liter of the beverage, depending on the fortress, contains up to 120 g of alcohol. After the so-called evening of alcoholism, the body all night trying to metabolize the ethanol pulling from other cells in the oxygen. The next morning the man feels headache and fatigue, instead of rest. Besides, beer contains herbal substitutes for female hormones, it upsets the balance in the male body. No less harmful a diuretic effect, pronounced after drinking soft drink, which leads to dehydration.

Be careful

From alcohol in 89% of cases die in the dream! Moreover, in most cases, this is not some drunken alcoholics, and "moderate" drinkers drinkers not only strong, but also soft drinks.

To understand because alcohol kills as many people as road traffic accidents. From the drinker has virtually no chance to live to old age and die a natural death!

What harm does drinking vodka

The most harmful alcoholic beverages, many believe strong: vodka, brandy, whiskey, but the real trouble depends not on the amount of ethanol, and the frequency of its use.


It is considered that most of the effects of alcohol suffer from liver, which breaks down the ethanol into relatively safe components. But that's not true.

Entering the body, alcohol of any strength and volume traumatize the organs and systems, which transported the alcohol:

  1. First, the alcohol burning effect on the digestive system, promoting the appearance of gastritis, ulcers, cancer of the esophagus, stomach, intestines.
  2. Soaked in blood, ethanol has a detrimental effect on the elasticity of blood vessels, causing increased blood pressure.
  3. Significantly suffers from the brain, its cortex, and vessels. Famous alcoholic "bliss", the mood enhancement is due to the oxygen starvation to brain cells.
  4. The lack of oxygen entering the blood in the heart muscle, causing its degeneration, degeneration of muscle in the fat and connective tissue.
  5. Defeat the sexual sphere entails the effects of alcohol on male and female reproductive organs, leading to infertility.

It is considered that a safe dose of strong alcohol – 50 ml, but even that amount of regular use can significantly disrupt human health. Affected by alcohol the liver is able to regenerate itself, but if the exposure continues for a long time, the body simply does not have time to recover from the constant blows.

The effect on the body wine

You can talk about the benefits of red or white, dry or fortified wine for the human body, about the high content of vitamins, antioxidants, tannins in the composition of wine products.

But remember:

  • vitamins practically not absorbed with alcohol, on the contrary ethanol even in small concentrations promotes leaching of nutrients from the body;
  • calming effect of components fully depreciated the influence of alcohol;
  • even if the initial effects of wine normal blood pressure, regular use of ethanol develops hypertension, entailing irreversible changes in the body;
  • many wines rich bouquet of flavors and colors that adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract, causing severe poisoning;
  • sulfites are included in almost every wine drink can cause severe hangover and headache the next after taking the day.

When choosing which poison is better than poison, it's impossible to find a safe option. Alcohol causes irreparable harm to human health, acting quietly but consistently. It is impossible to determine which drink is the most harmful, as certain risk for the organism represents each of them.

What is alcohol and how much less harmful for the body?

Everyone has long known about the harmful effects of alcohol on the human body. Alcohol is harmless only in the case where it is not to drink. After consuming alcoholic beverages, they immediately turn to poison, which gradually poisons the whole body. Strength damage depends not only on the amount of alcohol consumed, but also by his appearance. So next, you will learn what alcohol is less harmful to the body.


Sources of alcohol harm

To understand that better to drink and in what doses, it is necessary to understand what are the components of most alcoholic beverages have a negative impact on the human body. In considering this problem, it turns out that alcohol contains 3 main sources of damage.

The main ingredient of alcoholic beverages is detrimental to health, is the ethanol. It can cause intoxication, which is formed due to dissolution of ethanol. Also, this element adversely affects the nervous system and the brain, is the root cause of many diseases of the kidneys, liver, digestive system. Such an effect of ethanol occurs even when a small excess, not to mention chronic use.

Referring to the harmful effects of ethanol on the body, more harmful to drink with a great content. Although much depends on the amount of alcohol consumed. For example, you may find that more harmful to drink a few cans of beer, 1 glass of vodka. If to speak about the same volume of different alcoholic beverages, it is definitely better to drink with less alcohol content, as it will cause the body less harm. This fact was confirmed by American scientists during the research revealed that the frequent consumption of alcohol with a small amount of ethanol (wine, beer), the risk of developing colon cancer less than when consuming drinks with high degrees.

Therefore, choosing the lesser of two evils, to give preference to the recommended beverages with the lowest alcohol content.

The most quality drink in its composition should have only natural ingredients are used to make the alcohol a certain taste and aroma. In the overwhelming majority of spirits that are encountered in the domestic market, in addition to the basic elements also present additional. Among them may be sugar, various oils, dyes, flavors, etc., these substances have no beneficial effects and only improve the taste of the drink. And if the more expensive products of higher quality supplements, cheap there are dyes and preservatives, can seriously harm your health. Therefore, in terms of supplements is better your choice to stop at the drink without synthetic ingredients.

Considering the composition, you should take into account all the components included in the drink, not just alcohol. In this case, less harm will cause the alcohol to include only natural ingredients.

For example, if you compare red wine and vodka, then clearly the composition of the wine would be less harmful because it is made from natural grape juice. So in small doses red wine is considered to be even useful.

Summing up the aforesaid, we can conclude that the main criterion for the selection of alcohol is less harmful to the body, is the degree of naturalness of all components and the amount of ethanol included in its composition.

Quick effects of alcohol on the body

Classifying spirits in the degree of hazard, it is also necessary to take into account the prospective consequences. According to this criterion, the alcohol drinks are divided into immediate and delayed effects.

The first type of impact can be illustrated by the following example: if you drink a few glasses of brandy or vodka, you can quickly get drunk, and wine or beer to enjoy a few hours without feeling of strong intoxication.

Drinking alcohol, most people see only the immediate action, not thinking about how harmful it is for the body in the future. Often it is instantaneous and depends on the choice of a particular alcohol product.

Delayed impact. If preference is given to any alcoholic drink, which is used constantly, even in small doses, its effect is built up over time that carries with it certain consequences. For example, if many years drinking beer, having a quite harmless instant impact, then eventually it will lead to various problematic situations.

What alcoholic beverage to choose for use?

A simple answer to the question of what drink to choose so that it didn't do much harm to the body, it is impossible. Doctors say that only complete abstinence from alcohol may protect the body from the negative effects. At the same time, doctors understand that the hour is drink many, if not all. Therefore, buying alcohol, you should try to avoid such drinks, which are characterized by:

  • the presence of sugar;
  • chemical impurities;
  • low price;
  • dubious manufacturer;
  • synthetic base composition;
  • the addition of alcohol.

Better to use only high-quality and alcohol low degree. It should be remembered that the less and less likely to drink, the stronger health.