7 best ways to quit drinking

In this article I will present to your attention all known to me methods to stop drinking. Talk about the pros and cons of each method. At the end of the article I will tell how that helped me to quit drinking alcohol forever. At the time of this writing I've been sober for over 4 years. I immediately came to this way to quit drinking, and tried many other ways, which will explain in this article.

Some way helped, but not for long. The other was complicated and confusing.

Let's consider all the ways to stop drinking, maybe some way better suited for you. Besides, you will not waste time using inefficient way to quit drinking, and will use the best.

The way to stop drinking, no. 1. Willpower


The first way to stop drinking using will power. This method is suitable for people who have:

  1. There is a strong dependence on alcohol. (how to determine if you have a dependency, see Alcohol dependence. Method definitions). If you are sure that you have no strong dependencies, the way to get sober based on will power, you can come up.
  2. First you need to find the right motivation to quit drinking. How to find read in this article. Not fit each motivation. Your motivation must be strong enough.
  3. Once you find a strong motivation, you start to abstain from alcohol.
  4. Then wait for a certain period of withdrawal. He usually takes people in case of weak dependence from 30 to 60 days.
  5. And carry on as if nothing had happened, but sober.

The way to stop drinking will fit you, only when the following three conditions:

  • You have a very weak or no dependence on alcohol,
  • You have great will power,
  • You are the right way of life.

The way to stop drinking No. 2 to Replace the habit.

Another way to quit drinking is a way to change habits.

This method is that you need to find a habit that will replace the alcohol. For example, it may be a new hobby.

If you have no Hobbies, I suggest to read my article How to find a hobby.

Method is that you find another new habit based on the rational case.

For example, your new habit might be:

  • blogging,
  • write articles
  • sports,
  • to study a new subject,
  • lead the business project
  • to do something with their hands,
  • Free time you are doing your new hobby.

A new habit in the form of hobby can help you:

  • not to think about the use of alcohol,
  • to occupy their free time
  • to relieve stress,
  • to distract from negative feelings that will accompany the first time after refusal of alcohol.

You ignore negative feelings and focus on your project.

However, you need a hobby to do in moderation.

Engaging in a hobby, we should not forget other areas, such as responsibilities at home, work and leisure.

How to keep the harmony in all spheres of life, I wrote in the article about spheres of life.

The way to stop drinking by replacing habits is suitable for people who have long been stale a project, or those who have long wanted to realize myself in a new field. For you, this is a good chance not only to stop drinking, but also to realize their talents in new business.

The way to stop drinking, no. 3. Keep a diary


The third way to stop drinking with the help of the diary addiction. This method is based such a popular method as a method Shichko.

Create the special Word file or get a diary.

You need to write a diary.

The main essence of the way to stop drinking by using a diary is to record your feelings, to Express emotions, to seek rational solutions to the problems.

The features of the method are as follows:

You bring all thoughts to a conscious level by means of a diary. So you have:

  • Decreases the total voltage, which leads to alcoholic breakdown
  • You make a plan of action that will help You stay sober.
  • Reduce stress due to the recognition of the falsity of the test of the senses.

Simply put, when you argue verbally in my head, it is very difficult to make the right conclusion. Thoughts constantly jump, which increases stress and tension. They lead you ultimately to failure.

When you are thought by thought, consistently writing in a diary, then quietly come to a rational conclusion and decide not to drink.

This is an effective way to stop drinking. In part, I used it too when I quit drinking 4 years ago. So in this article the Diary is based on all the instructions.

The way to stop drinking, №4 Method of changing beliefs

Method of changing beliefs is a very popular method to stop drinking alcohol.

It is that you change your mental setup on the opposite. If you have to see this in the alcohol a number of advantages, using the method of the beliefs you destroy all the false claims that:

  • alcohol is useful
  • that it helps you to relax
  • alcohol relieves stress,
  • alcohol helps solve problems

And begin to pay more attention to the real facts, for example, that alcohol:

  1. Not just nothing, but actually impairs your life
  2. Depressing mental system
  3. Destroying social skills, causing you to be isolated.

Also a method of getting rid of false beliefs used in a known Easy way to stop drinking Allen Carr.

But I think a change of belief is not enough. If the dependence is not so strong, the way to stop drinking enough effective. In addition, this method is woven in many ways to quit drinking.

Therefore, the method of changing beliefs is as follows:

  1. Be aware of false beliefs about alcohol,
  2. To get rid of the false benefits of alcohol
  3. To realize the true impact of alcohol on life
  4. To recognize the true face of alcohol.
  5. Learn to think of alcohol as a purely negative factor of life.

The way to stop drinking, No. 5 Abstinence on one day

The way to stop drinking with abstinence for 1 day is that you basically don't stop drinking forever. Try today not to drink alcohol. That is, every day learn to refrain from the only glasses or glasses of beer that day.

There comes a day – and your goal is to quit drinking for life , not to drink tonight, whatever happened. Because 1 day, you will be able to withstand , isn't it?

When the next day comes, your goal is to survive the day.

That is, you don't plan for the future that you will not drink all life, reducing stress. And when your goal is not to drink only this day, the task becomes quite real.

And so, refraining, day after day, you have recruited a sufficient period of sobriety.

The way to stop drinking, No. 6, Encoding

I must say that I don't believe in coding. And do not consider this method to quit drinking effectively.

Coding can be considered as a temporary method to stop drinking.

It's just delaying failure for a while. The same as a time bomb.

Moreover, to speak of comfortable sobriety in this case is not necessary.

If the person is:

  • Did not realize his dependence,
  • Worked at a deep level of understanding of their addiction,
  • Just decided to go the easy way, retaining all their former beliefs,

In this case, sooner or later he will have a breakdown. Perhaps even the same day, when the encoding will cease to operate. You need to work for another fronts.

I'm just warning you that coding is absence from a situation. But is simply a reprieve. When the failure counter is reset abstinence and instantly returns the person to the point from which he started.

In the same ways I consider "magic" teas, pills, tinctures, concoctions, charms, wizards.

I recommend to stay away from these methods to stop drinking away. Don't look for a magic solution to a serious problem like alcohol addiction.

If you continue to believe in these ways to quit drinking, unfortunately, you have nothing to do on this website.

You can find enough easy way to stop drinking, but to "take a pill", "sew", "coded" is not the solution.

Also I'm not going to talk about these ways to quit drinking:

  • not to drink on a dare,
  • just quit drinking and all
  • to play sports instead of drinking.

All of this toy for children and nothing to do to stop drinking forever, they don't have.

The way to stop drinking, No. 7 a Method for the prevention of failure


As promised, at the end of the article, I will discuss the best way to quit drinking, which helped to sober me. Why I placed it at the end of the article? Because he includes all of the above methods (except method 6).

The way to stop drinking, No. 7 based on the so-called method of prevention of breakdown.

I did not invent this method. It is quite well known (mostly abroad). Because our country is lagging behind by 20 years and the other developed countries. And struggle with alcohol dependence is no exception.

What is the method to quit drinking based on prevention of failure?

To quit drinking, you need to understand that alcohol has damaged us physically, mentally and socially.

And you need to gradually work with all these consequences.

The way to stop drinking based on what you need to recognize state failure that come in sobriety.

Even if you stay sober, you can reach a point where it can be broken.

And the main purpose of the method to quit drinking is to recognize the first signs of failure and stop it.

The Central concept of this method to quit drinking is a term withdrawal symptoms.

This is inappropriate feelings of anxiety, worry that beset you if you long time don't drink. They need to recognize and to distinguish from real feelings.

What a way to stop drinking to choose?

To summarize, we can say, use the way that you feel trust. When you feel that the way to stop drinking can help, use it.

It was 7 ways to stop drinking.

Choose the method you like. Which is right for you.

Remember that any way to stop drinking requires from you:

  • Daily work on his sobriety
  • To wait a period of withdrawal from alcohol
  • Forming a new sober lifestyle.

The time delay

Even if you stop drinking immediately appreciate the benefits of sobriety will be difficult. Because there is a delay in time between when you stop drinking and when will come stable.

That is, the first 6-12 months you will feel that your condition is unstable.

This is the main barrier to most people to stop drinking forever.

They decide that such a state will always and come back again to eat.

However, all the people who managed to go through a period of withdrawal (I wrote about it in the article When it comes to the point of sobriety) — they say it's finally "released" and their status has considerably improved after some time.

After a period of withdrawal, sober man feels always as good as the addict feels only brief moments of alcohol consumption.

So, whichever method to stop drinking you use, your awareness and a sober mind will give you results with the right approach.

Be sober!