10 reasons to give up alcohol and one to drink!

Let's define what is alcohol.

Alcohol – alcohol is a narcotic, a substance that you need rubber gloves and mask. Simply, is poison. So determine the substance of the standards – characteristics, which are referred to as Gosstandart (GOST 18300 - 72). As it is poison, it's been masked under the so-called alcoholic beverages. The alcohol contained in BEER, wine, vodka, liqueurs and other drinks, called alcohol. So, 10 reasons not to drink alcohol at all!


Fuck my brain!

One-time use of poison called alcohol, even in small quantities irretrievably destroying several thousand brain cells – neurons. Alcohol facilitates the gluing of erythrocytes – red blood cells, which tightly seal the capillaries and neurons to die from oxygen starvation. Dead neurons are removed from the body with urine.

And in place of a heart flaming engine...

Drinking has a devastating impact on the cardiovascular system. Under the action of this poison heart increases in size (especially when drinking BEER, the so – called beer heart). In the heart tissue scarring, which can lead to heart attack and death.

Who will remain after me?

Alcohol changes the structure of the genetic code of your DNA, which stores information about you and your children. It is proven that 90% of disabled children or children with mental retardation come from parents who consume alcohol.

How are you? Huh?

As any drug, alcohol has a euphoric effect on the psyche, which lasts an hour and a half. Next comes depression, alternating with bouts of panic or aggression. Reduced the reaction. Clear and healthy thinking in this state is not possible. It is on this back there's prohibition at the wheel.



Since the human being is not only material but also spiritual, the alcohol affects the thin matter. Chakras are energy channels through which we communicate with the outside world through energy sharing. Chakra responsible for intuition, creativity, will, etc. one-time alcohol closes by 2 – 3 years upper Sahasrara chakra, which is the center of perception of the divine energy. And we lose touch with God. One of faith enough here.

If puny – just in a coffin!

Since alcohol is a poison, the effects on the body Deplete. And the breakdown products of alcohol have an even more devastating effect. Naturally, the physical condition of the man worse. Reduced mental and physical activity. Appears apathy. Gradually develop chronic diseases, such as cancer of the pancreas, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, heart attack etc. It is necessary to you?

Where is the money?

From the General questions let's move on to the real stuff. Alcohol is not cheap. A systematic use of this poison is significantly hits the pocket. An alcoholic does not stop drinking the bottle and buying more until they're full. Football and a beer? And birthday? And the holiday. It's all money that could be spent on gifts to children or to a healthy diet. Abstinence from alcohol – a real savings.


Who benefits?

The reason for this follows smoothly from the previous one. For alcohol, we pay big money into the pockets of "parasites". They prey on our grief, without giving anything in return except more grief. Widespread advertising of alcohol bring them fabulous profits. Meanwhile, none of the brewery is not national, and subordinate to foreign capital.

But you, my friend, the pig!

Pay attention to the behavior of the drunk "man." His moral character falls through the floor due to the impact of alcohol on the moral centers of the brain. In ancient Sparta, especially of slaves were turned into alcoholics to children of soldiers did not go the way of the pigs.

Where are we going?

Over the past few years mortality has increased tenfold and the production of alcohol in one hundred. Have solder. We degenerate and die out. Look carefully around. Our young people are completely divorced from the state and is soldered to the bottle 'proper' beer. The words "honor", "conscience", "patriotism" became a term of abuse. Increased the number of crimes on alcohol basis. Think if you going? What will happen to our descendants? If we have a future? The only solution is a complete rejection of the consumption of alcohol in any form. Otherwise, we will die.

And finally, one reason to drink alcohol!

You don't understand? If you're weak, insecure, uninteresting and cowardly electorate, who can not imagine communication without beer and cigarettes, you just have to drink alcohol to rid the planet of yourself! So you do not need freedom!