How to stop drinking forever? Step by step instructions here!

In this article I will talk about the steps that helped me to quit drinking forever. If you follow all these steps, then the path to sobriety will become for you a matter of time.

So, let's begin.

Step # 1. To quit drinking in the beginning you need to be aware of their dependence.

The first problem is that you probably don't think you have an addiction. This is the first obstacle on the road to sobriety!

If you don't realize what you have, to put it mildly, a "special relationship" with alcohol, then your chances to quit drinking close to zero.

Therefore, the firstthing you can do now in order to quit drinking is to recognize his addiction. And there is nothing wrong. Just the sooner you realize it, the sooner you'll be able to quit drinking.

And for this you need to identify what "denial" are you using? How do you justify what you drinking?

Every person justifies his addiction in different ways. Below I will give the most common denial and justification dependencies (including ones that I personally used). Of them you can identify your own denial and to get rid of them.


  1. I drink because I'm resting.
I drink because I'm resting

You may find that you are drinking because alcohol helps you relax and unwind. This is the most common justification for their addiction. But this is an illusion, no matter how truthful it may seem.

  1. I drink because I have problems.

You can justify your addiction to alcohol what you have in life, there are certain problems, which you drink. But the fact that there are problems at all, just someone drinking and someone decides they are sober.

The problems themselves are not the cause of addiction, but rather the opposite: alcohol dependence causes big problems in life.

Here are the main reasons that you can cite why you are not able to stop drinking alcohol:

I drink because I have problems:

  • in your personal life;
  • at work;
  • money;
  • a (psychological

The more you use these excuses , "I drink because of problems", so you more difficult to quit drinking. Because any problem (and they in our lives enough) be a reason to drink.

  1. I drink because my life is complicated.
I drink because my life is complicated

"Complexity of life" is one of the top excuses of addiction. You can assumethat your life is incredibly complex, and so you can't quit drinking.

Life with every year it becomes easier, and requires constant development with more and more cleverness.


Understand how you justify your addiction. This will be the first and necessary step to stop drinking.

Went on.

STEP # 2. To stop drinking is not enough. Sobriety is a process.

The second stepthat you need to do in order to quit drinking, is to understand that sobriety is a process.

Sobriety does not begin with the moment when you decide to quit drinking.

Here will see, will take place 5-7 days after you decide to quit drinking, and you completely forget about your decision, and again starts drinking.

Sobriety is the ability to avoid breakdown. Sobriety is a long-term process on which to work daily. Remember that. Will not work for 1 day be like if you had never drank alcohol.

Alcohol has caused us not only physical but also mental, social effects. And they need to consistently understand.

When it comes to the moment of failure, you are already in a destructive condition. In this state you are unable to make a conscious decision "not to drink".

The process of failure starts long before the moment of alcohol consumption.

Therefore: we must learn to recognize the signswhen it starts the process of breakdown and know exactly how to prevent failure before it happens and it will be too late (the hand itself reaches for alcohol).

STEP # 3. Find out more about how to stop drinking.

We come to the next step. In order to quit drinking, you need to obtain knowledge.

If you still can't quit drinking, therefore you do not know and missing essential information.

Why is alcohol still manages to lead you by the nose?

People such as "I know" will not be able to stop drinking. And you open yourself to new information.

Find out more about how to quit drinking

The realization that you do not know, will give you the chance to obtain missing information and to escape from the alcohol trap.

Gain knowledge about your addiction before you quit drinking.

Continuing to think and act the way you thought before, you come to the same result – we will continue to drink on.

STEP # 4. Decide to quit drinking forever.

To quit drinking have finally and irrevocably.

Alcohol dependence is loss of control over alcohol use.

So you need to give up trying to control your drinking. Understand that drinking moderately will not work!

The only way for you is to quit drinking completely. Once and for all!

How to find motivation to quit drinking

  • What is important to you?
  • What you stop drinking?

The reasons can be many. Find the main reason to quit drinking. Motivation needs to be really big: it will support you in sobriety.

Give up the illusion that something you lose if you stop drinking.

You should remember that you have nothing to lose, only acquire as a result of the fact that stop drinking: health, confidence, mental stability, a sense of joy, money, relationships.

The illusion that you have something to lose, supports himself alcohol . This illusory fear does not allow you to make a move to stop drinking and say goodbye to the addiction.

Sobriety will give you much more than you have now, believe me!

STEP # 5. Be aware of withdrawal symptoms is the main step to quit drinking.

In order to quit drinking, you need to know about the existence of the effects of alcohol, which are called withdrawal symptoms. Perhaps this is the main stepthat you just can do.

What is the symptoms of withdrawal?

Due to the fact that you drank alcohol, your psyche was damaged.

Alcohol not only causes physical damage to the body, but also has a negative impact on the Central nervous system.

Withdrawal symptoms mean you, if you start to abstain from alcohol, after some time, will begin to experience inappropriate feelings:

  • causeless anxiety;
  • constant worry;
  • self-pity, self-perception of the victim;
  • the feeling that your life is something wrong.
  • tension.
What is the symptoms of withdrawal

And the reason these feelings only one – the past consumption of alcohol. These feelings and have withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms — this is the main reason why we so hard to quit drinking.

In order to stop drinking, it is important to realize the existence of the symptoms of withdrawal.

You need to learn to distinguish withdrawal symptoms from the real feelings and to be able to wait them maintaining sobriety.

In the sentence above, I have tried to reflect the main principle of sobriety.

Over time, withdrawal symptoms getting weaker and weaker. And then completely pass. However, the entire period of withdrawal long: from the moment when man decided to quit drinking, runs from 6 to 18 months.

At this time, the man periodically experiencing withdrawal symptoms, unreasonable negative feelings that push a person to drink again.

STEP # 6. Practice case of sobriety.

From the moment you decided to quit drinking, you need to start to change the way of life in General.

If you continue to live as before, it is likely that you again begin to drink alcohol.

Need to form new healthy habits. And also to get rid of old bad habits.

New habits of sobriety

To new habits that will support you in sobriety include:

  1. sports,
  2. hobby
  3. proper nutrition,
  4. rest and sleep.

It is important that things in sobriety minimize stress and negative mood, forming new healthy habits.

STEP # 7. Change your thinking.

Due to the fact that you drank alcohol heavily damaged your beliefs about life and worldview. Most of your beliefs have acquired a negative connotation. And it is important at the second stage, to begin to change their attitudes.

Must create a new rational beliefs about life, and change communication skills with other people.

The next step you need to recognize in your life the negative reaction and change them into positive.

Do not rush things. Live one day.

Patience is what you need in the first place,if you decide to quit alcohol.

Tune in to the fight. Challenge of alcohol addiction and defeat her. And create a full-fledged sobriety.

Why abstinence is better?

Why abstinence is better based on

Sobriety is the light that will return you confidence in themselves and their abilities, a sense of joy, happiness and emotional satisfaction.

I know you probably don't believe that sobriety can give you these qualities. For now, sobriety is uncomfortable for you, and intoxication — comfortable. It was once me.

When I quit drinking, I just could not believe that a joyful life is possible without alcohol. I could not understand how people in sobriety can do to experience any joyful feelings.

What was my surprisewhen I found that in sobriety we can live happily, not feel any pain and heartache! Just there is a delay in time.

Of course, life does not always gives the bright colors in life there are problems. But when you live in sobriety, to solve the problem is easy.

Your stress and your confidence increases. You understand that problems are part of life and that's fine.

Now you don't turn away from the problems and systematically solve them.

These are the steps that you can do in order to quit drinking alcohol and start to live sober.

Good Luck To All!