Alcohol and antibiotics - is it possible to combine them?

Sometimes, during treatment with antibiotics comes a holiday and allow yourself a little alcohol, citing the absence of instructions to the drug of the ban on blending. But it often happens that the pharmaceutical companies simply do not consider it necessary, because drugs are intended for treatment, not for mixing with alcohol.

antibiotics and alcohol

Sometimes, people are justified by the fact that drop of alcohol will be nothing, only some antibiotics are strictly forbidden to mix with even the slightest amount of alcohol. If you mix alcohol and medication, then you can expect such effects as vomiting, headache, fatigue, and sometimes even possible death! And it's not just scary stories, but scientifically proven facts! But there is a caveat — there is only a small group of antibiotics that react very negatively to alcohol.

Contraindicated for mixing with alcohol!

It is forbidden to drink alcohol together with antibiotic such groups:

  • The class of tetracyclines. Includes almost all known antibiotics recommended in the treatment of many diseases, here two opinions can not be full refusal of alcohol!
  • Class of aminoglycosides. Strong drugs that don't mix well with all medications. Jigger could be the last in life.
  • Class lincosamide. Alcohol these drugs= irreversible destructive processes in the liver and nervous system disorders.
  • The class of cephalosporins. With alcohol there is no compatibility due to the fact that there is disulfiramopodobna reaction.
  • The class of macrolides. Antibiotics of this group increase the negative impact of different types of alcohol on brain cells and liver.
  • Anti-TB drugs of all classes.
  • Drugs, treating leprosy.
  • Some drugs that belong to different classes.

Drugs of the cephalosporin class. These medications mainly treat chronic and purulent exacerbation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Why you can't mix alcohol and antibiotics?

You should know that the antibiotic drug that you doctor prescribed is not included in this list, this does not mean that you can relax and drink at your leisure! Remember, any medication accepted simultaneously, even with a small amount of the product which contains alcohol can be seriously dangerous! Therefore, if there is the slightest speck of doubt, it is better to consult a specialist.

There is a perception that antibiotics + alcohol = the disintegration of the liver. Scientifically it is not proven, but logically if you think about it, you can understand that cirrhosis of the liver appears anyway. Therefore, drinking alcohol is harmful and even deadly!

The result of the interaction of antibiotics and alcohol?

It is widely known that alcohol absolutely foreign liquid in our organism. When ingested, even small amounts of alcohol in the body begin irreversible changes.

The formation of aldehyde from alcohol. Also synthesized acetic acid, which is critical to the implementation of metabolism. The rapidity of the conversion reaction depends on the release of harmful substances, and therefore the speed of propagation of alcohol in the blood.

If there is a mixture of antibiotic and alcohol first inhibits the process of formation of acetic acid. That is, the alcohol concentration becomes greater and the degree of toxicity serious.

Should also know that alcohol is contraindicated to adopt with any pills and injections. This is due to the weakening of the latter. If the person often drinks and that is drug therapy, it is likely that bacteria and viruses become immune to these drugs and the healing process will be long and difficult.

What dangerous mix antibiotics and alcohol?

Just imagine, a single jigger with harmless aspirin (is not an antibiotic, but still) leads to tachycardia, shortness of breath, chills, headache and noise in ears. In addition, the group of analgesics when exposed to alcohol thins the blood. The consequences of this are just horrible: bleeding, stroke and death.

Doctors always remind that there is no drug that is completely harmless. That is, having a positive effect on any single organ, they often adversely affect another. And in that case, if antibiotics are mixed with alcohol, suffer fully all the vital systems of the human body. As a consequence, the person is weakened and becomes an easy target for any disease.

In addition to the period of drug therapy, alcohol creates unnecessary strain on the human body. It all only aggravates the disease and much slows down the healing process.

It is not necessary so to experiment. Even experienced scientists in the field of chemistry is unable to predict the outcome of the interaction of antibiotics and alcohol.

My neighbor washed down an antibiotic with vodka!

After reading this article, most can say, but my neighbour for example, antibiotics drinking vodka and anything! Nothing is for a time. You can't see what is happening in his system and trace what? Not to visit doctors, to be treated and spend a fantastic amount for medications better to just think about whether a single SIP of alcohol while taking the antibiotic the problems that will inevitably arise?

That is, make such a conclusion: the treatment process itself and so is very energy consuming for a weak body, so to avoid serious consequences should completely refrain from drinking alcohol in any form! Believe me, the pleasure momentary intoxication is not worth the risk and your health! Remember your health is priceless!