How to stop drinking alcohol woman on your own?

There is a perception that women's alcoholism is not growing to 35 years. But it is not so. Yes, in women after 35 years of alcoholism develops more than 35 years. But it is not associated with any physical characteristics of the organism, but rather, age is simply a psychological factor. Because young girls have great success with men, have development potential and look young: their skin is smooth, flat, no wrinkles, etc. But closer to 40 youth goes, with her running away and self confidence. At this age women see the signs of a midlife crisis, and she can get very depressed and try to drown my sadness in a sea of alcohol.

A midlife crisis can be called a serious cause of alcoholism, but there are young girls who abuse alcohol. Why did they start drinking?

Most likely, the girl carried some strong emotional shock. For example, the death of a loved one, the betrayal of her beloved guy, different kind of difficulty or remorse. If a girl will begin to slowly drink, in the end, she will forget the reason why first time applied to the glass.

So, the main cause of female alcoholism include frequent depression, which is subject to a fine half of mankind.

Alcoholism in women

  • First, women drink more not for pleasure, but in order to "drown in a glass" to their problems. Drinks for the beautiful half of humanity – avoiding all problems, the ability to forget all their sorrows and hardships.
  • Second, the alcohol in women occurs much faster than men. If you need 7-10 years for development of addiction, the opposite sex in just 5 years.
  • Thirdly, in women, the addiction to alcohol is much stronger, because they have not only physical but also emotional attachment to drinking. Consequences.

Addiction to alcohol causes the body of the girl to the terrible condition: deteriorating complexion, black eyes, fat accumulates, and, in General, the attractiveness disappears. Scary is not only what is happening in the short term, and that this process is not reversible. Even if we manage to overcome addiction, the appearance will remain unattractive, repulsive.

Drinking girls quickly resulted in questionable acquaintances. Their social status decreases rapidly, the former friends avoid them.

Treatment of female alcoholism.

Often, women who abuse alcohol, too late to ask questions: "How is a woman to quit drinking on your own? I'm an alcoholic?". If a woman constantly drink alcohol for 10 years, to leave her will be even harder than the man-addict with a great experience. The fact that the female body is so used to alcohol that in his absence, falls into a depression, which in turn again leads to the bottle... Frequent even cases of suicide among women who quit drinking after years of drinking alcohol on their own, relying on willpower. The support of loved ones is the best prevention.

Of course, it is better to avoid this. For example, if you are a young man girls, which often started to hang out with friends in the pub to come drunk, hold her, talk to her. If you have time support the girl, you can easily prevent serious problems.

It is impossible to talk about its problems: it is only the stronger will drive the girl into depression. Your support should not be expressed in constant reproaches oppressive girl.

You have to be there to walk with her in the Park, going to the movies, dining out, give her surprises, by all means show that you – the person on whom she can rely. Then the girl will be gone, depression, alcohol will be not needed.

This applies not only to guys, but to all loved ones. It is very simply to help to stop drinking, the woman with support and love. At least easier than to derive it from the binge drugs.

Folk medicine on guard women's sobriety!

In the early stages can help normal or motherwort chamomile because these herbs really soothe. The recipe is quite simple: brew Valerian or chamomile in an ordinary kettle, insist 2-3 hours, and drink 1-2 times a day.

It is not necessary to give it to a woman by force, because motherwort and chamomile does not cause disgust. These herbs will suit those who have firmly decided to quit drinking, but can't do it because of the terrible stress of waiting at work.

If you want to call it an aversion, it will help a decoction of Hypericum. This is a very old and proven method. St. John's wort is brewed, like motherwort, but he has to take it on a tablespoon before eating. This is a universal method that will suit men.

There are many other proven ways of folk medicine, which helped a lot, they are as follows:

  • Peppermint teas and tinctures. This, of course, a long and laborious method of getting rid of the addiction, but safe and effective that reduces cravings for alcohol. Regular tea from peppermint, will soothe and help to strengthen the nerves.
  • Thyme. Can not only cause disgust, but also severe vomiting. Need to brew two tablespoons of the resources and make a third of a Cup twice a day. On the tenth day, it will begin to be active.
  • Tea from thyme. Safe and effective. One tablespoon brewed and consumed instead of tea at will.
  • Bay leaf. Is one of the effective methods. It is necessary to insist several leaf and root along with vodka.
  • The root of lovage and Bay leaf. Laurel and lovage have a specific taste, and after drinking tincture the person is completely disgusted. Pour plants 250 gr. vodka. Leave for several hours and consume one glass a day.
  • Centaury, thyme, and wormwood. Mix, steamed with boiling water and drink several times a day.
Quit drinking

Also there are a lot of herbal help for alcoholism. Not all of them, of course, possible to trust, but among them are actually operating. If you want to try, first read real reviews.

How to cure female alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient?

Sometimes there are situations when a woman refuses to treat his illness. In this case, there are several little effective treatments for alcoholism.

  • Stick to the apples a few nails (sounds a bit weird), keep in such form 1-3 hours. Then remove these nails and make Apple puree with which to feed the sick. Method is not very effective: the patient can take such care with hostility.
  • Mix in the proportions 1:2, dry the crushed leaves of asarum' European green and fruit peel of walnut. To insist on this wine and give this wine a patient before eating. This method is more efficient than the previous one and causes aversion to alcohol.

Medicine – the right tool

Drinking women rarely seek treatment, although this is the surest way to get rid of the disease. Why?

  • First, nobody wants to "wash dirty linen in public" and the woman does not want someone to address the real problem, because, somewhere deep in my consciousness is experiencing a sense of guilt towards society.
  • Secondly, women (for some strange reason) are afraid of criticism from doctors or nurses. But medical ethics has not been canceled, besides, the staff in hospitals understanding and maybe a woman will find support among doctors.
  • Thirdly, there is a fear of doctors. In General, in our country, why then are doctors not very good: we don't often go to doctors for prevention, even when sick, prefer to carry the disease home, relying on traditional medicine.
  • Fourth, women later recognize that the problem is that without professional help they need. That offers women modern medicine?

Most of the treatment methods at home are ineffective. The only way to radically change his life – to go to the doctor. Only real professionals are able to tell a woman how to stop drinking alcohol and to help drugs.

In the clinics, where they treat this kind of disease, do not work so many therapists, whose tonic infusions, how many psychologists that helps to forget about alcohol and replace it with something else. They will hold a series of talks, where they will make you remember the most terrible in your life things alcohol related, and permanently bind these memories to the image of the bottle.

Also you will pass the examination that will check you the condition of the liver, heart and other organs. If you find disease, you will cure them. It will make you healthier and fitter. Treatment for alcoholism will go faster.