Experience in the use of AlcoBarrier

This story told us Bozena from Kraków. The woman he shared his emotions and told how drink AlcoBarrier saved her son from certain death due to alcoholism.

Experience in the use of AlcoBarrier

Want to share your story to be an encouragement for such unfortunate mothers, as I have in the past. When we met my husband, I was only 17 years old, my family was dysfunctional, so I wanted to get married quickly to escape from alcoholic parents. As soon as I turned 18, we got married and a year later our son was born. It was like well, my husband worked, I kept house, sometimes there was fights like every family. But then my husband was laid off from work, and then all hell broke loose.

The incredible horror that I went through

The inconsistency in the family he began to drown. Six months later he mom died, and then he went on a binge for a few months. He stopped home at night, and when they appear, arranged a terrible scandal, and he even raised a hand to me. I didn't want to ruin a family, so some time I have suffered, but when I caught him with his mistress, my world collapsed. He promised he'd stop drinking, get a job, he swore that he doesn't need anyone but me and that girl is just a figment of his binge. But there was no way back – we were divorced.

Time has proved that my decision was right, because he continued to drink while in his house there was a fire, and he died. I am very worried for his son, was afraid all of our scandals and drunken father is not affected the psyche of the child. But one thing I was sure to drink my son is not, because knowing the history of his grandparents (my parents also died due to alcoholism) and his father, he will not touch the glass ever.

But I was wrong: this whole genetics and negative program played with my child a cruel joke. Drunk for the first time I saw him when he was in 8th grade. We talked to him, and he promised that it won't happen again, allegedly, it was no more than simple interest. In the end such antics periodically repeated, and he barely graduated from 9th grade. Of course, I hit the alarm, asked, explained, threatened, did not give money.

School, in which I gave it, the son has not graduated, has joined a group of bad guys, and now it has become to binge. It was monstrous: he's such a young, handsome guy, and has a full alcoholic. Occasionally he had moments of "enlightenment" when he took the job, met with friends, then he treated me with great love and respect, but he had only time to meet someone from their company and have a little how it all ended in a protracted binge.

We often scandals, he insulted me and was even able to push, and when he became sober, asked for forgiveness and swore that it was the last time. Then I definitely saw him as his father. Husband behaved exactly the same, but if I could leave and not be dependent, then the son to do so, I could not. Although he was an adult, I felt responsible, always tried to understand where was the gap in education, and constantly through the options, how to help him.

In one of the periods of "enlightenment" the son met a girl that I loved, and she gave him a condition: if he once drink, then they leave. Son just transformed in his eyes: worked, helped us around the house, the civil wife, and all were on hand. Everything was quiet, peaceful, and I am very very happy.

Once my son had a birthday, the celebration of which has grown again in the bout. His threats sister-in-law did not keep and decided to fight for his love. She asked the son to pass the coding, but he flatly refused, not recognizing themselves addicted. Then we tried to send him to rehab, but he was also against. All he could do was the hundredth time, to promise not to drink. In General, after the next binge, scandals and fights the daughter is still gone.

Drink AlcoBarrier – a real lifeline for people dependent on alcohol

So much, my son didn't drink – he just got drunk to a deranged condition, withdrawal symptoms were terrible, I was afraid he did not survive. Then I decided to listen to the advice of a friend, who advised me to give him sneaking some drugs, but I was afraid of injury. Here already there was nothing to fear, because the situation became deadlocked. Then I began to search for my desired product and found it on the Internet. AlcoBarrierthat is very different from all similar preparations. Its composition was completely natural, and judging by the reviews, the efficiency was very good, and contraindications or side effects were not.

I ordered a drink and began to give their son, adding the tea. What was my surprise when my son began to change in her eyes, he very easily came out of the last binge, began to look fresh, got a job and by the end of the course, when he came to me to apologize for all the years of suffering, I realized that he was completely rid of their addiction, and admitted that he had given him this drink AlcoBarrier. First, the son was offended, but then I realized that this drug saved his life!

Now my son's new family and will soon have a child. He was kind and sympathetic person, which were all respected for what he was able to overcome alcohol addiction. I regret now only that have not bought a drink earlier and it saved several years of my son's life. That's why I decided to write this review in order to help someone, that no one suffers over the years and not looked at the flour close to the addict but solved the problem thanks to the drink AlcoBarrier.